I bought a new Split AC (1 ton, LG made) and the company sent home a technician to install the unit. The guy arrived and took measurements and I quizzed him a bit about his kit and strangely it doesn't seem to include either a vacuum pump nor a Nitrogen Cylinder.

From what little I know, I thought these two items are essential to commissioning the AC. Am I wrong in assuming this?

Or is there any reasonable way to connect the Indoor and Outdoor units and start things up using the refrigerant provided alone without using a vacuum pump (for evacuation) nor a N2 cylinder (for pressurized leak testing)?

He hasn't started the actual connections yet and I just wanted to be sure the guy knows what he is doing.


Don't let him install your unit.

Yes, you should pump the unit with dry nitrogen to check for leaks, then evacuate the system with a two stage pump.

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