Having an issue trying to remove a plastic flange from a 4 inch PVC pipe. I tried cutting and chiseling it away. It must have been cemented with a primer and cement. Are there any other (simple) ways to remove the flange? The top part is off I'm only dealing with the part that is left inside the PVC.

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    There is a specialty tool available which will line up a hole saw perfectly to the pipe and allow you to drill out the remainder of it. However, it may be cheaper to cut the pipe out and install a new piece and the flange. – Jason Hutchinson May 4 '15 at 14:58
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I've seen some discussion here of fancy plumber tools (a bit too expensive for the amount of use anyone but a plumber would put them to, unless you can find them in a rental store) that apply heat and grip/pull things apart.

Other than that (which I've never seen or used, only seen mentioned), I'm prone to consider PVC joints as forever, so the stock approach when you need a new one is to cut at a point where you can install a coupling, some new pipe (in most cases), and the new fitting.

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