We redid our kitchen cabinets and want to change from the previous hardwired 120V fluorescent under cabinet lighting and above cabinet cove lighting to 12V flexible LED strip lighting. The cove lighting is one switched circuit and the UCL is on a separate switched circuit. There are currently romex stubs ~6-8" long (from the previous fluorescent lighting fixtures) coming directly out of the wall just above/below the cabinets.

My question is how do I get from the romex stubs to the dimming transformer? For the undercabinet lighting, I'd like to be able to extend the 120V wiring to the back of the corner cabinet and run it up in the triangular gap between the corner cabinet and the wall to the top where I can better hide the transformer. I know I have to make the connection in a junction box. Do I have to run the extended wire in a wire mold, armored cable or conduit or can I just staple romex to the cabinet bottom to secure it until it runs into the transformer?

Any recommendations for shallow junction boxes that wouldn't be too obtrusive? Or something I can terminate the extra romex stubs in? I found these 1" deep surface mount junctions boxes http://www.gomultilink.com/Catalog/ProductGroup.aspx?Path=10173013F0161 Will those work? Any better options?

I read in a post here that you can't have romex coming straight out of the wall but that's what the electrician did when we built our house. Our city inspectors are notorious for being picky so I have a hard time believing something as obvious as that was missed. But if that's not allowed, can we run it though a surface mount junction box attached right next to the wall where it comes out?

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