I am trying to remove an HDTV wall mount from the TV, but: a handyman tightened one of the bolts overzealously, and now it's stuck. Specifically: The bolt turns freely, but does not reverse out of the TV. I assume the metal sleeve in the TV broke off, inside, and now my screwdriver is turning the bolt and the sleeve around it.

How can I get this thing out of the TV, and thus free it from the wall mount?

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    Pulling on the bolt as you try to loosen it might help. The pressure could cause the threaded bit inside the TV to hold still, allowing you to free the bolt. – Tester101 Apr 28 '15 at 0:47

Is there a tiny bit of space between the bracket and the tv? If so I'd use a hacksaw to cut through the screw and remove the bracket. If space is really tight, try removing the blade and using it with your hands.

After that, you'll have to see what you are working with. If you are lucky, maybe you can get some epoxy or glue around the bolt inside of the TV to freeze it and then use locking pliers to remove the rest of the screw or drill it out.

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In the ideal world where people are responsible for their actions: "Hello handyman - please come collect your TV and drop off the payment for my TV, which you just bought since you broke it."

In the actual world where the handyman will probably deny responsibility you have to grind the head off the bolt (being careful not to allow the grinding dust/sparks to get into the TV, or to set your house on fire) so you can remove it from the mount, and swear off letting handymen touch your belongings in the future. Alternatively you disassemble the TV until you can hold the broken part, if the mount does not prevent disassembly to that point. Your TV may or may not work after that; they are not exactly made for easy servicing by the casual user.

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I'd either try to drill out the head of the bolt (hopefully, it's a cheapie and not hardened) or set a hacksaw in the gap and spin the bolt with a drill.

Both approaches create metal shavings that you really don't want inside the TV, so tape off any ventilation holes and have someone standing beside you with a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to have the person with the vacuum grounded, as vacs can generate static electricity that could zap your TV.

Maybe taking it somewhere is sounding pretty good at this point...

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