Sometimes when we use the bathtub we get water dripping downstairs, in the kitchen. This morning I've removed the cover of the bathtub and figured that the hole for the extension cord of the shower head isn't insulated, so splashy water gets through.

The leftmost pipe is the extension for the showerhead, The water passes through on a splashy shower. Plus I've realized that the corrugated cord itself leaks.

the tubing work kinda lacks

I'm not sure how this can be insulated. How to do that? Do I need to change the passthrough piece with a better one?

Another problem we have with the bathroom, is that when we leave home for more than a few days, we get a leak in the very same spot. I find this hard to investigate, as this happens only after a few days that we don't use the water at home at all.

The water that gets on the floor gets below through these holes in the tiles. Additionally I'm the how water pipe looks like connected in a unsafe way, I believe that this is what leaks when we are not at home.

hole in the tiles

To fix the whole thing I think I will:

  1. Place some expanding foam in the two holes in the tiles, so even if water falls on the floor it won't get through the floor.
  2. Replace the extension corrugated cord with one that doesn't leak.
  3. Fix somehow the pass through for the extension cord, that water doesn't get through. (I'm not sure how to do this)
  4. redo the connection of the hot water pipe, with a more reliable one.

Could you advice if you think this will be enough, and the best ways to do the last two tasks?

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