We have a 1/2 story that was cheaply finished prior to us moving in. Looking into it, it looks like we have 4-5" of fiberglass bat insulation in the ceiling which is, if we're lucky, something like r-12. Certainly not ideal for our 90 degree summers and -10 degree winters here in MN.

Since the place has to be remodeled anyways, I'm toying with the idea of ripping down all the sheetrock, then putting up 1 or 2" XPS, then re-sheetrocking. That should give us an extra 5 or 10 in r-value. Still not ideal, but better.

I've been doing more research on PIR panels. These appear to be better than XPS in the r-value department with a value of 7 per inch.

I then came across this product:


Exterior laminated PUR panel

Anyone know where to source this in the US? Or similar products? I like the idea of an insulated panel that has a finished exterior already. It's a) taking up less space (more room for insulation) and b) seems great for a lazy person like me.

Obviously, this example was designed for exteriors, but I do like the industrial corrugated metal look and would consider it for interior use. Alternatively, anyone know of similar type products?


These type of insulated panels are popular in timber frame and log style houses. There are several American sources and brands available. A good example of these panels is from a company in Texas, check out this site: http://www.arcat.com/arcatcos/cos33/arc33294.html Good luck.

  • Nice find! The only drawback to those is that it appears the surfaces are all textured stucco. Which is an option, though I was liking the corrugated metal. – DA01 May 19 '11 at 13:07

I know the source in UK - www.kensington-green.co.uk - if anyone interested. pir/pur insulated panels for roofs and walls finnished in metal. any colour They ship worldwide.

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