I recently purchased two Dewalt D25501K Hammer Drills. I need bits. In pest control doing termite treatments, we need to drill 1/2 inch holes through concrete slabs. In the past I have used drills that have had "spline" drives. These Dewalts don't, so I am uneducated on what bits I need. I know I need 1/2 inch in diameter and at least 16 inches or so cutting depth, but I'm not sure if my new drills require a certain kind of SDS bit. I see SDS MAX, SDS PLUS and just SDS. Can you tell me what my drills can and will use so I know what to buy?


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It's described as SDS MAX and Spline combination.

This question/answer imply that your choices are... SDS MAX and Spline. SDS MAX is incompatible with (and much larger than) the other SDS types.

What are the differences between SDS, SDS Plus, and SDS Max drills?


You need SDS Max. (SDS Plus, sometimes just called SDS, is smaller and won't fit.) For what it's worth, I've had good luck with Bosch and Dewalt SDS bits.

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