Three months ago I moved to a house with a back-boiler (gas) which supplies the hot water tank and the central heating. Apparently it has been serviced recently. There is a thermostat in the kitchen which during the colder period I set to 18-20 degrees and most of the house seemed fine on this. The boiler went on and off to maintain this temperature. However I noticed that 2 of the bedroom radiators were always on. During the winter I was not unduly bothered by this. Now it is warm I have turned the thermostat to below 15 where there is a dot. Bad news, the two bedroom radiators are hot, all the time! What is going on? There does not seem to have controls on the radiators themselves even though one is newer than the other (which is a single much older one). Can anyone help please?

  • 18-20 degrees for heat? What temperature scale are you using? – feetwet May 5 '15 at 22:53

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