I moved into a house. There is one vinyl window with a problem. If you unlatch the window, the top half drops like a guillotine. Smash. I'm surprised it isn't broken yet. None of the other windows in the house do this.

I don't see any place where there would be a spring or counter-balance mechanism. Do I just need to get the whole thing replaced, or is there a way to take this apart? If I can DiY this thing, then how would I service it and where would I find parts (usually without knowing the part names, every web search seems to take you to Microsoft's web site... for windows).


Many single and double-hung vinyl windows have "spiral sash balances". An internet search of that term will reveal a lot of info. They are replaceable but it is not simple, and finding the right size can be a challenge also. If the windows are old consider a DIY replacement of the entire window unit with an easily installed block frame replacement window.

enter image description hereenter image description here

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