In the basement of my house (built in 1900) in NE Ohio...Half of the basement floor is finished, the other half is dirt floor covered by a few inches of crushed stone gravel. I had a mold issue, so looking to put a vapor barrier over the gravel floor. Also am getting slightly elevated radon level about about 4.9 to 5.1. I'm hoping maybe to solve both issue with one fix.

Here's my dilema...I'm looking for a vapor barrier material that would withstand occassionally walking across it. The furnace is located on the gravel side of the basement, as well as we use that area for storage (holiday decorations, etc). There wouldn't be heavy traffic, but would need to walk over to change furnace filters, swap out holiday decorations, etc. Can anyone recommend a product that would act as a vapor/moisture barrier that could withstand some foot traffic? Also, the barrier would be installed on top of the gravel, so looking for something that wouldn't be easily punctured by the crushed stone gravel underneath. Thanks.

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    The "right" thing to do is put down the vapour barrier then pour in 4-6" of concrete. – Steven Mar 29 '15 at 2:13

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