I have a bathroom with two separate toggle switches; one for the light and one for the exhaust fan. I have updated the light switch with a dimmer/motion sensor rocker style switch. Now, my question is: Can i replace the toggle style switch to the exhaust fan with a rocker style switch? Do you use the same rocker style switch as one would use if it were for a light or is there a special type of rocker switch for an exhaust fan vs a light ? And what amp rating do I use: 15 or 20 ? Does it matter if the rocker switch is rated for more amps than it needs?

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    If you're upgrading anyway, consider installing a timer switch. That way you can run the fan long enough after your shower, to remove all the moisture. Just make sure you get a device rated for inductive loads.
    – Tester101
    Mar 27, 2015 at 21:38

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A simple on/off switch is best for a fan. This is a 'single-pole' switch. For a rocker style, something like this would work


The switch will most likely be rated for 15 amps. This is fine, the switch must be the same as or more than the fan.

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