There is 7-8" in front of tub to frame. Will use 4x4 white tiles. What's best?

  1. Multiple ledges--framed shelves to fit 4x4 tiles to minimize cutting. Or
  2. Large niches/borders that will be framed to best fit 4x4 tiles without cutting them?

It may be kind of hard to keep tiles even and lined up if I don't get ledge dimensions close so that I don't have to cut tiles all the time. For example ledge 2 may look out of line with ledge 3. Ledge-shelf 1 would be to above the tub spout (from the floor up.) I may have uneven grout "gaps" that may look horrible (not line up) I don't know about using bullnose around the corner of the ledges either. Or the ends of ledges.

I wish I could find a picture of shower ledges that were framed in but I can't. Hope you guys/gals can help.

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    We have no idea what you are talking about unless we can see some sort of picture or drawing. – DMoore Mar 25 '15 at 22:36

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