I'm having my house (in the UK) rewired and want to install some PIR sensors (link) in a few rooms. Instead of using batteries there's an option to have them permanently powered via USB cable. Is there a device (transformer?) I can have my electrician install to step the mains power down and provide a permanent USB supply?


EDIT: Maybe something like this is what I'm after? A 240V to 5V Switching Power Converter. Unfortunately there's not much info on it...

EDIT2: Thanks for the help I've found what I was after: USB Euro Module Charger


Transformer, rectifier, regulator - aka, a USB power supply.

There are, of course, the small switching supplies that plug in, as seen as phone, ipad, ipod (or any other USB device) chargers.

I know that there are power outlets (ac) with built-in USB outlets available for the USA system - depending on the speed and conservatism of the UK electric regulators, that sort of thing will either exist, or be coming at some point. Looks like it's a done deal:

enter image description here

  • Perfect solution in my mind. Great find. Mar 19 '15 at 14:32
  • Thanks for the reply. Yes I have a few of these going in to the house aswell! As the power cable will be hidden (comes out of the ceiling) I'm looking for something that steps down the power like this socket does but is more compact and dedicated solely to providing the USB power. I'm sure something must exist, I just can't seem to find it!
    – qu1ckdry
    Mar 19 '15 at 15:31
  • try "UK wallplate USB Charger" image search, and look for the ones without AC receptacles.
    – Ecnerwal
    Mar 19 '15 at 16:25
  • Ah, Thanks for the tip, it lead me to find this which is exactly what I'm after!
    – qu1ckdry
    Mar 19 '15 at 17:12
  • 1
    i just wanted to chime in quick and mention that with the new USB type C standard, these style outlets might become outdated relatively soon.
    – DLeh
    Mar 19 '15 at 17:35

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