See the following picture for the entertainment center in question: enter image description here

It was originally designed for 4x3 Standard Definition TVs to be placed in the bottom left alcove (partially hidden by the Corona--sorry, this was the best picture I could find for illustration). As a result, all of the cable hookups are in that alcove instead of up on top.

I'm not concerned in particular with drilling a sufficiently-large hole through so that I can run power and coax/Ethernet. I'm particularly interested in finding the correct pipe/tube that I can run through the hole, and then the necessary finishing parts that I can hook on each end to make it look like it was supposed to be there to begin with.

I'm planning on building a shelf to go in the lower left that will house a new surround sound receiver, xbox 1, and HTPC (the latter both pictured), so I'm considering something around 2 inches in diameter. Thank you for any input you can provide!

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I have done this before. I use a hole saw and a PVC pipe. I use caulk to seal it in. Makes a very clean hole.

  • hole saw and PVC, a simple, easy route. Thanks! – Garrison Neely Mar 17 '15 at 14:12

Not entirely sure what exactly you're looking for, but several companies make in wall runs for tv/speaker wires. Most just assume you will be running the cables in the wall itself, and provide either blank-canvas wall plates. Some provide end point connectors in order to provide a wire 'socket' for the wall plate.

Here's a video tutorial on a simple version of this.



These folks have a great assortment of various AV plates.


They are also sell the lowest price ethernet cables I have ever found.

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