I'm getting ready to repair a small dry rot spot in my bathroom floor and am conflicted on which product to use.

When I visited my local big box store, they had a couple options:

1) High Performance Wood Filler:

enter image description here

2) Premixed Patch n'Level:

enter image description here

What's the difference between these two types of products? When is it appropriate/recommended to use one over the other?


The leveling compound pictured is used underneath a finish floor. The minwax/ bondo solution would provide a durable fix that you could walk on. So I guess it depends on whether you'll throw something over the top of the fix...

  • At this point I'm just planning to buy some time until the next bathroom remodel. Planning to just put a vinyl patch over it for now. – Mike B Mar 14 '15 at 23:58
  • DEFINITELY use the Minwax filler. It will be much more resistant to the moist conditions presented by the location of your patch. That leveling compound is not resistant to moisture. – Jimmy Fix-it Mar 15 '15 at 22:27

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