I was reading quite a lot recently about lighting a room with computer properly and i am getting mixed tips.. some say "Your computer screen should be parallel to your lighting" and others say "your overhead fixture should be parallel to your eyes". I recently installed (before i was reading that) overhead fixture with three flourescent lights. Now i have read here: Computers and lights that the best way is to have pendant lighting with the lamps facing up so that it gives indirect light. But would that indirect light be good enough to do computer work and write in the notebook at the same time? Thats my primary concern. Secondary when the computer screen is dark in some application i can see a little glare with this configuration as you will see in the image below. How would i improve that?

Here is the picture of my room: enter image description here

Thanks for the time!

Vedran, croatia

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    IMHO, it's a matter of opinion - and yours may well change over time. Do what works for you; when it stops working for you, change it. – Ecnerwal Mar 14 '15 at 17:45

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