I have a laundry room with a gas water heater in the closet. I was thinking about taking out the washer and dryer and renting the laundry room as a bedroom because there is a bathroom next to the laundry room. The water heater is vented to the outside and it is in a closet, would it be OK to use the room as a bedroom? I am in California.

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    Is there an air supply for the water heater (vented door, external air vent, etc)? Does the bedroom contain an hvac supply vent? Does the bedroom have a second exit (e.g. window, in addition to the door) in case of a fire? – BMitch May 8 '11 at 1:16
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    Calf has tough laws about rental spaces. The room would have to have a legal sized egress window, and I bet you would need a permit or inspection of some type to be in compliance. Before you end up in "People's Court" or something similar, check with your local authorities about requirements. – shirlock homes May 8 '11 at 10:12

As stated, the room, itself, would have to meet codes for a bedroom (size, egress, etc.)

As for the water heater, it needs combustion air. If the room is smallish and making it a bedroom means it's going to be closed off, then you likely will need to convert the gas heater to either electric or to direct vent. The latter adds a blower that pulls in combustion air from outside. The con to that is that it may be noisy if in a closet.

  • A non-forced-draft direct vent unit such as the A.O.Smith Promax GDV line (not an endorsement, just the unit I know of that does this) is an option for this situation -- same outside sourcing of combustion air, no blower needed. – ThreePhaseEel Apr 27 '16 at 3:27

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