See attached picture. I am not sure if the title is correct. The door bell button (the plastic cover area) broke. Can anyone tell where can I buy this exact doorbell? enter image description here

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  • i'm looking for the same doorbell as i have the same problem with a hole in the button. Were you able to find this button or a replacement with the same screw hole length? – user44584 Oct 15 '15 at 1:42

I would doubt it that you will find the exact replacement.

All doorbells that I am aware of, are wired pretty much the same, 2 wires, doesn't matter which screw it goes to. You will be able to find a doorbell that may fit the same drilled holes, that chance is better than finding the exact same doorbell.

Any big box store, or local hardware store will have a selection in stock.

  • Just went to Home depot but they did not have the same size meaning from 1 screw area to last screw area is 5". I may need to find it online. Thanks Jack for the valuable info. I appreciate it. – user34428 Mar 8 '15 at 20:42

I don't know where you live of course but I used to live in a city that had an architectural salvage place where you could go browse and find old things for your house. I found an old window sash and thus saved myself the expense of having one custom made.

It might be worth a search online to find one nearest you. These tend to be places where a lot of browsing is required. You could very well need to sift through many boxes of old parts for hours to find the right thing. Still, it's one option.

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