My bathroom exhaust fan/light will not stay flush with the ceiling. It is spring loaded. Help.

After checking exhaust fan/light, the springs are in the correct slot BUT the housing fixture is just pushed up into the ceiling cut out. There are no wood braces to screw the housing fixture (metal frame) into. There is about a half inch gap between the metal housing (there are pre-drilled holes in the metal). Even if I put screws into the metal frame, it would go into an open space. Is there some type of screw that would butterfly out to lay on top of the sheet rock ceiling or what could I do to fix this problem. The fan/light fixture is a Panosonic.

  • Can you provide more detail? Perhaps a photo of the problem, and/or the make/model of the fan and cover you're using? – ghoti Mar 8 '15 at 20:02

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