I have a Pass & Seymour GFCI Switch/outlet combo. I am replacing a switch/outlet combo that was a non gfci.
I haver three wires coming into the box. The hot wire, the wire to the light and a wire leaving the box that continues the circuit to other fixtures. I followed the diagram and I have managed to get the wiring hooked up. The GFCI outlet works. I have hooked up an outlet tester and it confirms that it is working correctly. I hooked up the two switch wires from the back of the gfci switch. One is hooked to the hot & line pigtail and the other is hooked to the light. My problem is that the light is not responding to the switch and it remains on whether the switch is in the on or off position. Clearly, I have missed something but I don't know where. Your help is appreciated.

  • Do the fixtures downstream of the GFCI still work? The only theory I can come up with is that you interchanged the load-cable with the light-cable, resulting in the downstream fixtures being switched while the light is always hot. – ThreePhaseEel Nov 9 '15 at 23:38

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