I just purchased some Cali Bamboo strand bamboo from a local installer that arrived yesterday. The installer was here to receive it (I was at work) and stacked it in the garage, boxes unopened.

The manufacturer's website recommends opening the boxes and sticker-stacking bamboo in the house , but the installer said the garage is fine. I wasn't able to get a hold of the manufacturer over the weekend to confirm that the garage was definitely a bad idea, but my understanding and some internet searching seemed to suggest otherwise.

Can anyone weight in on how big of a deal it is to have it in the garage rather than inside the house? It's about 1800 sq/ft worth, so I don't want to move it myself or make a big stink with the installer before I confirm that garage is definitely a no-go.

I'm in SF Bay Area (East Bay) and the bamboo came from Los Angeles warehouse -- pretty similar climate. I'm not sure what the temp / humidity difference between the house and the garage is, but overnight outside temp is about 20-25 degrees from daily high / interior temp.


Unless you live in a climate where you basically have your windows open most of the time and there is no heat or air conditioning then your flooring needs to be in your house 2-4 weeks (differs by wood type and climate).

So given your conditioned space in San Fran I would say that you need to move it in. The wood needs to be in a close approximation to the installed environment.

I don't know your installer but I would be highly highly skeptical of his knowledge and abilities given the advise. This is flooring 101.

  • Thanks. I ended up finding info on the manufacturer website that says garage is not an appropriate location. – slikchucky Feb 23 '15 at 21:22

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