A few days ago, our dog clipped our vertical blinds, taking one slat down. I was going to re-attach the single fallen slat to the mounting clip that's connected to the rail, but a small gear inside that clip-like-unit must have come out. I know this because when I re-attach the slat to the clip, it no longer rotates when I turn the blinds.

I apologize for the vague description, I am unsure what all of these parts are called.

As I cannot find that small piece, I need to purchase a replacement part. I have started searching for this, but I have no idea what this part is called. What is this part called?

enter image description here


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I can confirm that was indeed the part I needed. It was listed as:

Vertical Blind Repair Carrier Stem and Gear for Attaching Slats

enter image description here


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