During the Hurricane Sandy, we placed tape on our windows in case the glass would break. The problem is, after removing the tape, it left a disgusting glue mark that it became impossible to remove. It has been a few years now. I hope somebody can help me here, see the pictures:

enter image description here

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WD-40 says it removes adhesive residue

Research: http://wd40.com/uses-tips/construction/removes-adhesive-residue


Use something like Goof Off or Goo Gone to dissolve the solvent, or something with orange oil in it, and then scrape it off. You might have to repeat a couple of times.

BTW, taping windows provides no additional protection during a hurricane. Don't bother.


You will probably need to use a combination of methods which were suggested by longneck and Tester101 to completely remove the residue.

A window scraper tool uses the type of blades in Tester's picture. Using the tool will make it easier to scrape with instead of just a blade.

After the majority of it is scraped off, then you can use a solvent to remove the leftover residue. If you don't have Goo Gone or Goof Off around the house, isopropyl alcohol will also do the job.


You might have luck with a razor blade.

razor blade
(source: homedepot.ca)

This is what's commonly used by mechanics, to remove registration and inspection stickers from vehicle windshields.

*Warning: Don't use razor blades on windows with films or special coatings.

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