Adding 220 to garage no room in my 125 amp main panel. Subpanel will be 10 ft from main will be removing 3 15amp and 1 20 amp breaker to add 50 amp breaker in its place. I'm I allowed to have splices inside of main panel or will I have to add J boxes for circuits that were transferred to subpanel

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    I am going to edit this question to change "spices" to "splices". I cannot imagine anyone wanting to keep oregano or garlic powder in their breaker panel. Besides that I think the "spices" has already been confused by Tester101 as "spaces". – Michael Karas Feb 8 '15 at 22:46

Yes, you can have splices in the panel to extend wire to reach breakers.

What you cannot do is have splices where a wire enters the panel, is then spliced to another wire that exits the panel.

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  • it is good to know splices are allowed--I didn't realize that! But I don't understand the scenario you describe of a non-allowed splice--when would that be a temptation? What is the difference between entering and exiting the panel? – Phil Esra Jul 22 '16 at 19:57

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