I am a new homeowner and thus new avid DIY enthusiast :)

We recently had a new radiator installed and relocated, and had to remove all the existing materials. This is what I discovered (see image)


Its a beam and block concrete floor. In some areas there are rather large gaps. There is also some sand (?) that I am assuming has been used to level the floor.

On top of this was Expanded polystyrene (50mm) then Chipboard (22mm).

My aims with the new floor

  • reduce sound going down to the flat below
  • reduce sound coming up from the flat below
  • Very solid feeling underfoot


  • What should I used to fill those gaps?
  • Whats a good sound insulation material to use instead of the Expanded polystyrene, which I understand due to the light mass has poor sound reduction

Is the following idea good, or bad?

  • perimeter strips around the room
  • lay a rubber mat over the floor (wont bother leveling, but will fill the gaps)
  • thermal insulation (as shallow and as dense as possible, suggestions needed)
  • screed up to floor height, possibly a little more if needs must

I am hoping I wouldnt then need to bother with chipboard, which is just prone to movement and making noise.....

OR, should I level out the floor first? Is there a good sound reducing leveling compound out there?

Many thanks, looking forward to hearing your ideas. We live in the UK (for material suggestions)

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