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In regards to the thread title, as a apartment buyer where the builder is going to implement a bio-ethanol fireplace, this interests me very much. The house is well insulated and the builder is going to install a GlammFire burner III that can be scoped out here, and integrating it in the TV module / console that'll be purpose built for the job. I am considering paying the difference and going for something like the Mito Genesis or Small Genesis found here as it looks more like a traditional fireplace, although less powerfull.

The living room and dining area are about 35 m2 with an open communicating hallway about some 10 m2. This adds up to quite a lot of space. The main concern I have here is if either model will have enough heating power to warm the room. Some sites claim that 1kW will heat up to 20 sq meters, so 2,5 to 4 kW should do, but i just don't know...

I looked into other alternatives, but almost all require some sort of venting and the apartment does not have a fireplace or any sort of vent system. I looked into pellet systems. I was impressed and also attracted by the fact I can also channel some of the heat using tubes, directing some of it to the rooms and kitchen area and also the fact I can regulate the temp using a thermostat either built in or not. Pellet stoves seem to run clean and I considered poking a hole in my living room to my veranda and direct the piping there, ending in a sort of duckbill vent to "eject" the remaining exhaust fumes with some pressure, instead of just venting it. However, I am concerned that the fumes may fill my walls with soot and that the upstairs neighbors may complain of contamination.

Does anyone have any insight to give regarding this predicament? Is bio-ethanol the way to go? Are any of these burners OK for such a large area? Is there an alternative I haven't considered? Something clean that won't get me in trouble with the neighbors? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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