I just purchased a house that was built around 1995 and has a cinderblock foundation that is exposed under the deck. There is a detached workshop that is about 100ft from the house that gets its power from 10-2 outdoor wire that is tied into the main breaker box. The wire was run under the house through the crawl space and out a ventilation hole before burying it. No conduit was used anywhere.

I'm trying to bring things as close to code as possible. When I bought the house, the inspector disregarded running the cable through the joists as that code was changed in 2008 or 2011 but he didn't like the wires being run through the vent. The attached picture is taken from outside under the deck.

I found some flexible non metallic direct bury conduit that I can run through the wall at ground level and then immediately bury. My question is how do I attach the cable to the wall when I bring it from the joists to the ground? Section 334.30 says "...shall be supported and secured by staples, straps, ...so as not to damage the cable". Does this mean I can use whatever strap I want or does it need to be insulated? Would I be better off running the conduit all the way to the joists and securing the conduit to the wall?outside of foundation wall under deck

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    If it is armored we just glue (liquid nails) straps to walls. Without armor you could run everything through PVC and strap as it exits. – DMoore Jan 29 '15 at 16:17

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