I am replacing my 240V electric cooking range with a glass cooktop (with 4 heating plates) and a separate wall oven. The old cooking range was a plug-in. The two new appliances (the glass cooktop and wall oven) are meant to be hard wired (not plug-ins). Can both new appliances be hard wired into the single circuit that was being used for the old cooking range?

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    The answer is 99% no, but it can't be answered without knowing the size of the circuit and the max load of the appliances.
    – Steven
    Jan 18, 2015 at 1:44
  • @Faro -- what electrical code is in force where you live? The US NEC has provisions for this situation...but a foreign electrical code may do things differently! Jan 20, 2015 at 5:11

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Any cooktop and separate oven I had put into the houses I helped build, required a separate circuit for each.

  • Then what's Note 4 on Table 220.55 used for? I seriously doubt the NEC authors would leave a superfluous provision hanging around the Code for several cycles of codemaking...or was the requirement you ran into a local code issue? Jan 22, 2015 at 0:32

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