I'm trying to pick out a new valve for my shower, and I'm pretty set on a Moentrol. Moen produces four differnet models:

  • Two 1/2" IPS Models: 3510 and 3550
  • Two 1/2" CC Models: 3520 and 3570

Their spec sheets are available at:

The only differences that I see in the specs are "integral checks" compared to "integral check stops"

Can someone please enlighten me on the differences between the 3510/3520 line and the 3550/3570 line?


3570 has shut off valves on the valve itself. Allows you to swap out 1225 cartridge without shutting off water to house


The difference is the connection to the valve. The 3520 is a copper connection that needs to be sweat together. The 3510 is a threaded connection

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