I am new to this forum and am glad to now be a part of what seems like a knowledgeable friendly community. I have a question about a method I used to make my front door. The reason I am asking is that I was approached by someone to make a door for them and if I’m going to make it again I need to see that what I did is okay to do again.

That being said…

I had some left over solid hard wood flooring (bamboo) and I happened to need a new front door so I thought about it for a while and decided that to come up with the proper thickness for the door I needed I would need to have a layer of the wood flooring, then a layer of 1/4” ply (marine grade) and then another layer of the wood flooring. I cut the ply to the proper size which was 1/4” in from where the bamboo would be so there would be a gap all around the outsides of the door 1/4” thick. I planned to fill that with more bamboo almost like a plug. I layer the flooring to one of the sides just like you would if you were laying it on the floor. Then I layer it on the other side. One side ran vertically and the other horizontally. I also left a space where the long vertical window would go. I layer the window in place before adding the second layer of the bamboo on the other side. I used polyurethane coats (4) as a seal on all sides and framed in the window. The main question is: Is that okay to do? Will it warp or be more prone to being effected by moisture? I don’t plan to use bamboo again. It’s a hard wood but it’s fibrous so it can’t take a hit from something heavy like an oak or hickory could. I haven’t had any problems with warping or water problems at all and the door has been in for almost a year. It looks pretty good and I’m happy with it but again I wouldn’t feel right about charging someone for a door that I don’t know to be a sound and quality door. The method I used appeals to the person who wants the door so this is why I’m not just going out and learning how to build one in the traditional way.

I very much appreciate any advice that you all can provide. I look forward to hearing about it. Please don’t hold back.

I should say that I installed the flooring in both cases with finishing screws so I wouldn’t be shooting through the wood on the other sides and so it would hold better.

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