I am running wire for a standard Kenmore stove/oven and wire for a stackable washer dryer unit. Both runs are less than 50'. What amp breaker and guage wire is needed?

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    The instructions will tell you. Most would require 10G. – DMoore Jan 10 '15 at 19:12
  • When you say both runs are less than 50 feet, is that one-way or round-trip? – rjbergen Jan 10 '15 at 19:43

A "standard" cooktop only, or a single wall oven, will typically be on a 30A-120/240V circuit, requiring 10/3 cable. Keep in mind, I have seen many newer cooktop models that require a 40A circuit. It all depends on the kW rating.

A free-standing range, rated 12kW or less, can typically be wired to a 40A-120/240V circuit using 8/3cu or 6/3al cable.

A typical electric dryer, and most combined stackable units, will require a 30A-120/240V circuit using 10/3 cable.


This chart indicates that for a common household electric stove/oven at 240V, up to 30A, a 10/3 wire is proper.

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