I am getting ready to finish my basement. I can use Tapcons or a Ramset to attach the bottom plates of the walls to the concrete slab with drain tile underneath. Will these holes from the screws or nails allow radon in?

  • I've sealed on the cracks in the slab and the sump pump, and then installed my own radon system a year ago. My fear is that these holes will nullify it. maybe if I drill the holes, then put sealant in them, then screw... – Evil Elf Jan 8 '15 at 13:55

If you have radon, it's already likely getting in--concrete is permeable. So adding a small nail hole isn't going to change anything. Also note that tapcons don't actually penetrate all the way through the slab.

If you have radon, you need to get a radon remediation system installed. This will put a hole in your slab so the radon has a place to go (and then it's vented out the roof).

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