I have a Touch N Go model 100 garage door opener, with a remote and a push-button on the wall. When I press the opener or the wall button, I hear a click (I'm assuming this is a relay) and then there is a buzzing sound.

There is a 110 plug for the motor and a wall-wart type plug which I assume is the receiver for the remote.

I took the cover off of the unit and disconnected a small plastic box that was attached to the inside of the cover. It has a white modular type plug.

Question 1: What is this thing?

Now, when I press the button to open the door it clicks and buzzes. If I go up and give the wheel with the belt on it a manual 1/4 turn or so, the door works fine. It starts and stops in the correct place, just needs a little help starting. I'm thinking the problem is either a capacitor or starter motor, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?

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In case anyone else wants to know: I went and bought a 330 Volt 54-63 uf capacitor and installed it. Not only did I not electrocute myself, I fixed it.

It cost me < $7 - not too bad.

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