There are several rough areas in the latex paint in my bathroom. I want to smooth them before repainting but I'm not sure how. The finish is somewhat shiny (maybe semi-gloss, maybe eggshell). When I've tried sanding latex paint in the past, it just turned to goo and clogged up the sand paper. (The paint is recent enough that I'm confident there is no lead in it.) I'd skim coat with wall compound but I'm afraid it won't stick to the shiny finish. Stripping seems an extreme solution. Any thoughts?


Course sandpaper can be the best solution. If you are experiencing clogging of the paper grit then step up to a courser grit. It is probably better to sand latex paint by hand instead of with a power sander to limit the heat buildup and corresponding paint goo.

If you want to go the route of applying the wall compound you could try one of several commercial products that can be wiped over the paint to take off the gloss surface. I have even found a mixture of TSP in hot water to do a decent job of removing some of the gloss on painted surfaces.

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