Our tired old kitchen is getting a make-over!

Is there a method to repair damaged laminate-chipboard cabinet doors? As you can see in the photo the base has chipped away and it is very flaky.

I'm looking for a way to do this without replacing all the doors. Even just painting to hide it all is a possibility but I'm not sure that will work with the flakiness of the chipboard.

chipped kitchen cabinets

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Yes. You get new cabinet doors. You can go the more expensive route and order them from a custom place (made to order are about $50-80 a door for pine depending on size).

You can also go to your nearest salvage store and match their cabinets or doors. Of course you will have to alter some.

There is just no efficient to repair chipboard. You would basically have to glue edging onto the cabinets and there would have to be extra material on the inner doors. It would be ghetto, not look good and not last long.

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