i'd like to replace my aging (PVC) tub surround with a sturdier, but inexpensive, multi-panel acrylic (or similar). Noticed those are either glue-up or direct-to-studs. What are the pros and cons of each install method?



Glue up

  • wall is flatter, less variance, less warping
  • generally easier to install (once prepped/drywall up)
  • if going drywall underneath less echo/tin can sound
  • on a direct install you must be able to pack the cavity with insulation to prevent push-in and (more) echoes, glue up you don't worry about that
  • transition to other parts of the bathroom is easy since drywall to drywall or drywall to backer is really no transition


  • Can have it installed very quickly (no prep)
  • don't have to worry about water affecting what is behind it
  • the more expensive ones have good transition molding that allows you to install drywall after with small seam to be caulked.

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