When this stove was serviced a few years ago, the tech had to drill out one or two venturi tubes.

I just had to drill out 2 of 4 in order to remove the top of the stove. They were completely siezed up.

So... the top of the stove is off... but how do I get the remains of these venturi tubes out of the threaded base?

enter image description here


OK, I did it.

Here is how:

Remove the jet holder from the stove, put it in a vise (gently)

Insert spiral bolt extractor. Tap it in with two hammer taps.

Attach socket to end of bolt extractor. Use electric impact wrench, short bursts, and break it free.

Was able to remove three of four no problem. The fourth was frozen completely, and I will replace the whole thing.


Is the remaining portion of the tube a soft metal like brass? Even if it was steel I would think that you could use some strong pliers to get ahold of the upper edge and start to bend it inward. doing so would start to free the metal from the base it was screwed into and possibly even getting it to the point it would be able to turn.

Try the bending process so as to get as much of the sidewall to bend inwards as possible. Here is as attempt at a pictorial guide:

enter image description here

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