I am designing a temp sensor that I want to insert in a decora panel.

I have googled this and cannot find anything from leviton and cannot tell if the size measurements on blank inserts include the mount tabs as well.

Thanks in advance

  • Did you ever think to purchase a couple of Decora covers and one or two Decora style switches or outlets from the harware store or from the big box home center. You could then just simply measure them!!
    – Michael Karas
    Dec 8, 2014 at 11:56
  • I have no access to a hardware store currently as I am in college and do not have a car.
    – sww1235
    Dec 8, 2014 at 16:53
  • Amazon? (7 chr)
    – Michael Karas
    Dec 8, 2014 at 23:14
  • What part of I'm a college student did you not understand. I am basically broke and in any case did not want to buy anything in the first place.
    – sww1235
    Dec 8, 2014 at 23:38
  • I am sorry if I implied that you should be buying anything. But afterall you did say that you want to insert your temp sensor in an Decora panel. At some time it seems very reasonable to take steps to "try out the fit of your device" before you commit the whole semesters work. A panel in hand would be a key strategy toward a successful demonstration of your project.
    – Michael Karas
    Dec 9, 2014 at 5:11

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Device 6.66 x 3.30 cm

Hole in trim plate 6.68 x 3.32 cm

2 mm ( 0.20 cm) radius on the corners.

  • These numbers imply that there is only 0.1mm gap between the device and the trim plate... looking at the Decora devices around my house it looks like it's a lot more than that—maybe 1mm. Any thoughts?
    – Hank
    Dec 8, 2014 at 15:36
  • there is probably some manufacturing tolerances involved.
    – sww1235
    Mar 10, 2015 at 0:28

Wow, after just a little more googling i found this link which I hope does not break which lists the dimensions as 1.29 inches wide x 0.22 inches thick x 2.61 inches tall without mounting tabs and 3.81 inches tall with tabs.

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