What windows can obscure a silhouette while still allowing light in?


I am doing a bathroom remodel,

  • Currently there is a large window in the middle of the place where I intend to have a walk-in shower. Which I would like to keep because I love natural light.
  • The window is towards the street, so I need good privacy too.
  • I've gone to Home Depot, and seen the "privacy glass" - it's not very private at all. You can still easily see the silhouette of the person showering.

Please recommend ways to have better privacy, while keeping the window.

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There are some pretty good imitation stained glass window overlays, which I think would overcome your "looks cheap" concern while being fairly cheap (under $30, if I remember correctly).

(I used a frosted overlay for the lower glass, only, of my downstairs bathroom since without a ladder nobody's going to be able to get line of sight above that line to any normal-height human. Leaving the top clear means more natural light. And unless someone was actively backlighting themselves, there really is zero risk of a silhouette being visible.)


To provide privacy to guests showering while maintaining natural light, try the following:

Stained glass

Most expensive option and will modify the color of natural light entering. This will however solve your issue of privacy.

Frosted glass

Will obscure a clear view of a nude individual but may still show a silhouette.

Frosted privacy film

Inexpensive. Easy to install. May still show a silhouette. It may be possible (but not recommended) to do multiple layers to further obscure the view.

Colored tint

Will obscure the view in but will reduce the amount of natural sunlight entering the restroom area.

3D pattern static film

Very inexpensive around $10. The 3D patterns may help to further obscure the view in. The material being just static film is easy to apply and remove. Natural light will still be allowed in.

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