I removed a ceiling of plaster panels and found that on the original concrete ceiling there is a glue residue of some glued-on styrofoam tiles. (See picture)

glue on ceiling

Before I get the plastering redone, I have to remove this residue. Are there like special glue removers for this type of work?

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I would recommend that you reuse the furring. Here is my reasoning

  • It's already there.
  • It will cost more to remove it than reuse it
  • It will provide space to run electrical, network, phone, coax, etc wiring
  • Unless you head height is really low, the 1.5" will not be missed too much.

Essentially, you have a 'service cavity'. You can place low profile can lights, electrical wiring, etc in this space. I'd keep it if it is secure.


How to remove construction adhesive from concrete?

Is there any other reason it is furred-out (electric runs, ect.)? It looks like someone tried to scrape a little, gave up and furred it. At the state it's currently in, I'm guessing your trying to see if this is a possibility or whether you are going to have to reuse the furring strips also. I see a few options:

  • Have fun scraping
  • Reuse the furring
  • Scrape what you have to; plasterers skim coat the whole thing
  • Get a quote just leaving it for the plasterers to deal with

I would suggest trying some of the linked suggestions before you pull down the furring. Anything besides just reusing them isn't going to be fun.

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