I have an aluminum garage door that looks in great shape; the only problem is one of the brackets in the middle of the garage door broke. I thought someone would be able to weld it back together, but a garage door company said the whole door needs to be replaced.

Is that true? Can't a bracket on an aluminum garage door bracket be fixed without replacing the whole garage door along with permits?

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    Do you have any photos for us? Even if you can't weld it you might be able to rivet or screw replacement hinge backing in place.
    – dkwiebe
    Commented Dec 3, 2014 at 23:51

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You can buy most common parts separately. Replace the part rather than have it welded. Ask at your local hardware store (NOT "big-box" store) for a handyman reference, someone familiar with garage doors. Garage door companies will almost always recommend a new door.

Hey, while you are at your local "mom and pop" store, why don't you pick up a few items and help them stay in business?

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