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I want to buy 2 of these 5 meter LED strips to make a 10 meter run.

What power supply do I need to have to avoid voltage drop? what controller do I need? How do I connect those 2 LED strips?

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    That page lists exactly what you need to get. Just scroll down. – longneck Nov 25 '14 at 18:05

It says 2.1 amps/5 meters for the 30 LED/meter strip, 4.2 amps/5 meters for the 60 LED/meter strip. So, that's either a 5 amp @ 12V supply or a 10 amp @ 12V supply.

I would not recommend hooking up the two strips in serial; the LEDs at the end of the second strip will likely be much dimmer than the ones at the beginning. You can get around this by running a thicker cable in parallel with the strip.

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