I need a way to remotely monitor the temperature of my room. It is very important to know (for health reasons) the temperature of a specific room in my home. In the future I will also look for a way to adjust the thermostat of the room or turn A/C on/off depending on the situation but now I am looking for a way to simply track the temperature of a room remotely using smartphone, tablet or laptop. Any of the three would suffice.


If you are on the cheap and can afford running wires there is a cheap & efficient solution :

The sensors can be connected to the Pi without requiring an external adapter, then you can run a Home Automation supervisor such as OpenHAB to monitor it and triggers various actions with the inputs.


For DIY you could use a RaspberryPi with a RaZberry (z-wave module for the Pi).

RaZberry comes with a web-app and mobile apps. But you have to bring your controlling web-app into the net and care about the security!

This way you can use standard z-wave products. In this case a radiator thermostat.


One example for an out-of-the-box solution is RWE Smarthome

They have a special temperature package, but unfortunately their shop seems to be in German only.

There is another solution by Devolo.

Both of them use portal you connect to, and offer mobile apps to control your system.

But I think there are many other producers/distributors.

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    No, sorry. But the pages about the devolo HomeControl are in english. And as far as I know they integrate well with thier Powerline. (If that is interesting for you.)
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If you have a z-wave based home automation system like me, you can use :

There are also equivalent temperature sensors for other types of home automation protocols.

Alternatively if you're looking for a solution that works on your phone without an external sensor and you have a phone that supports it, like the Galaxy S4 or Note 3, you should try this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sensirion.ambientsensing&hl=en. However, this approach is generally off by a few degrees also, but it is completely free if you happen to have the right devices. :) If you google what the temperature offset is, you could just guess what the actual temperature is.


http://www.smarthome.com/la-crosse-technology-server-room-wireless-temperature-and-humidity-monitor.html plus many others on smarthome.com

Another solution is to get an insteon thermostat at smarthome with a universal devices ISY 994i series controller will allow for advanced automation in the future.

(disclaimer: I have many insteon devices and a universal devices controller but no experience with thermostats)

(I am also considering moving to an open-source home automation system for advanced scripting capabilities, though the ISY is quite adequate for most applications and has less of a learning-curve)

  • This specific devices costs extra to send emails to you as noted by the reviews Oct 31 '14 at 9:00

Smart Things offers a temperature sensor.Smart Things multi-sensor

You could then use their system to have it report the temperature to their ecosystem with alerts if it goes below or above a certain point as well as looking at it any time you would want from anywhere. For extra bonus, you could hook it up to Xively and get graphs out of the system.

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