I was working on concealing some TV wires, and when I cut through the drywall I noticed this wood behind. I did not have this problem in the bedroom. woops


How can I avoid hitting wood when cutting through drywall?

People typically use low-cost metal detectors and stud detectors to avoid drilling into or opening holes onto electrical wiring, metal structural members or wooden studs etc.

It's not a stud. Some kind of panel

If a previous owner has somehow attached drywall to what was a completely wood-panelled wall of which you have no knowledge, the only way I'd expect to discover this is by accident when making a hole in the wall.

If the panel is localised, a stud-finder might give you some indications that an area is different from the rest of the wall.

You could buy or rent a DeWalt superman x-ray vision scanner (I may have the model name slightly wrong)

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    It's not a stud. Some kind of panel – I messed up Nov 10 '14 at 10:56
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    @Imessedup: A stud detector will sense changes in density which should show the difference between a void and a piece of wood. A metal detector should find the screws shown in your photo. I imagine there is likely to be other metalwork behind that which would be detected. – RedGrittyBrick Nov 10 '14 at 11:27
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    I agree with RedGrittyBrick, but with a caveat. I have a significant amount of experience with stud detectors (in a wide range of prices), and I have found many of them to be unreliable. If you buy one, test it out on an area where you know the content. If it works or doesn't work, post a review on a merchant website. – RockPaperLz- Mask it or Casket Nov 10 '14 at 11:54

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