My scenario:

Whirlpool washing machine, mechanical timer/dial. It will fill with water, agitate during the wash cycle and at the END of the wash cycle it (the timer) clicks and stops completely. It won't drain nor advance to the rinse cycle. This happens in every mode (heavy wash, delicates, etc) and even when just trying to select rinse, nothing happens. I've drained it manually and there are no clogs in the system. Therefore, I think that it may be a bad control timer (possibly a relay inside?)

  • Does sound like a bad timer, or a bad contact in one of the interlock wires or switches that it uses to coordinate with the cycles. You could try reverse-engineering it, or unplug and replug everything in sight and hope it's just a loose connection... but if you need more specific instructions than that I can't help you. – keshlam Nov 9 '14 at 4:59

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