i am trying to make a extension cord with a kill switch in the middle thats going to be mounted to my desk, the cord has red(phase), black(neutral) and green(earth) wires, but the light switch has loop, 1, 2 and common holes, what wires go where?

  • When asking questions like this please say what country you are in. Practices vary considerablly round the world. – Peter Green Dec 28 '15 at 0:05

enter image description here

Improper Electrical Wiring constitutes a serious life safety hazard. It can be the source of structural fire and potentially fatal shocks.

I am not saying that you can't splice a common electrical wall switch into an extension cord. I am saying that it is not a good general practice.

Consider Instead

  1. Installing a suitable hardwired outlet and wall mounted switch using techniques suited for permanent installation in the structure.

  2. Alternatively, consider using a listed extension chord with an integral switch such as this or that.

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