I'm in the UK and the house I'm doing up is very old, the windows are very large ( too large ), frames made of wood which is all rotten and no double glazing. I need to do a lot of replacing, but as a first step: I have been given a upvc frame which has 2 nice opening windows. The height is a few inches short, which I reckon could be sorted with timber, but the width is over a foot less. I assumed I would do better to brick up the gap. Theres no lintel either. I wondered if I could fit a brick 'stack' either side of the new frame and put a lintel of some sort across. Cant be any worse than a manky bit of timber frame. It may be a bit of a bodge to get the frame to be a snug fit, but I figured it was worth a try. Theres nobody to complain if it goes wrong, or leaks, and I can always tweak it later. Thanks Bruce

  • Proceed with caution, bracing is required. I've seen amazing amounts of brick come down after you remove a bit of timber without a lintel. It needs one and the brick also must tie back into the house. – Mazura Oct 5 '14 at 1:36

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