I have opened up my bath with studs and ceiling exposed. I have one power source going into the room. I have :

  1. Ventilation Fan/Light/Night light
  2. 3 switch for one gang box
  3. Vanity light that I wish tied to Main Light in Fan
  4. Separate shower lights
  5. Single switch for shower lights

I have 12/3 wire and 12/2 wire.

I know I'm going to split the power source to the shower light switch and to the 3 switch.

enter image description here


You can do it using only 12/2 and 12/3 cables like this.

enter image description here

Or you could use 12/2 and 12/4 cables like this.

enter image description here

Because there will be so many wires in the box, you'll want to get at least a 34 cu. in. double gang box. Like this one.


  • I've excluded grounding conductors from the images to increase clarity. Do not forget to connect all grounding conductors.
  • These images assume the incoming power feeds into the switch box.
  • These images assume that both switches are in the same box.
  • That was very helpful. That is exactly what I needed. I;m going to try and fit all that in a double gang box since that is all I have room for. I hope all the wiring will fit! – Bryan Sep 30 '14 at 15:04
  • Look at the box, they typically list the max number of wires that can be placed into it. If you have too many wires, try to find a deeper 2 gang box that will hold more wires. – diceless Sep 30 '14 at 16:54

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