My building is 32' wide, 26' deep by 12' high. I believe it was built as a carport for RV and other vehicles. The 3-walls use 2x4's 24"oc - the front opening has a good sturdy header that runs the width of 32', with two 4x6 posts located about 9.5 feet in from the sides. This leaves 12' between them which I want to use as my one garage door opening. The building is 21 years old and in good condition as it stands.

My vehicle opening will be 12' wide x 8' high, using 2 6' sliding barn doors. And I would like to have 2 windows in the areas beside the door opening for additional light.

Since this space is non load bearing, is 12' high and will need finished down to the cement floor at ground level - How should I go about framing it?
What is important for this project and what isn't?

  • A photograph or two would be helpful. Also, what building code is applicable? Which seismic zone is the project located? What is the 3 second gust wind speed? – ben rudgers Sep 25 '14 at 12:09

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