We are in the process of doing a bathroom remodel and we noticed that the bathtub we ordered does not have a flange. The bathtub will be installed in an alcove setup (surrounded by 3 walls) and will mainly be used as a shower.

The bathroom is currently stripped to the studs, the floor is not finished (just leveled).

What is best practice to install this sort of flange"less" bathtub?

We have already purchased 1/2in Durock and stone tile that will be used in the bathroom walls around the bathtub.


enter image description here

I was and still am in complete agreement with paperstreet's answer, buy another tub. I've never used this system. These look like a fail waiting to happen. Available from schluter.com, asked about at johnbridge.com calling them field installed flanges.

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I hate to give an answer that's not really an answer but I think you need to return that tub. Without a flange there's no way to guarantee that water won't migrate over and around the edge of the tub into your wall where cavity where it will fester, unseen until you have a major problem. If someone has a better, more can-do, solution I'll be the first in line to delete this answer but until then, sometimes you just have to cut your losses:(

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